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Watch this video testimonial of David Castro, the founder of RankRabbit SEO, give his appreciation to Kotton GRammer for his mentorship. David gives an awesome review of Kotton that you're going to want to watch. Be sure to read the post David Castro made on the RankRabbit SEO Site as well!
Welcome to RankRabbit SEO's NEW blogger site. RankRabbit SEO is a premier internet marketing company built to excel at delivering substantial value for their clients. The company’s team includes SEO strategists, social media specialists, and exceptional coders that aim to over-deliver for every client they choose to service. Due to their heavy investments in search engine optimization research, RankRabbit has pioneered some of the latest optimization methods and their clients happily reap all the rewards. Although they don’t guarantee rankings, they promise professional service and transparency for their customers that’s backed by results.